Pod Webhosting

About Us

Fast server network
Eveything you need in a fast network. Our network has eveything you would need for hosting your site. We use fast high speed servers, smart grid computing datacenters, and have a fully redundant network.

Name brand hardware:
Name brands are recognizable for a reason. We use the best hardware based on quality, dependability and performance. If your host is not telling you what they use in there datacenters, chances are you’ve never heard of the brand. We actually run our services on high-end brand name hardware, unlike other hosting companies. We use high end Cisco routers, and Cisco switches to move your data in and out of our network. With new Dell Intel Xeon clustered servers.

Blazing fast connection speeds.
Our servers are connected to three SONET (redundant physical fiber-optics) rings to multiple carriers including: Verizon Business which is one of the largest networks in the world, Global Crossing a leader in International transit, and Time Warner Cable whom provides us with direct connections to Road Runner customers.

Fast redundant network servers, ISP's, and hardware.
Without a redundant network, you are exponentially increasing your risk of downtime. Which is why we have a fully redundant network. Which means if any piece of our network has a problem your data will continue to flow uninterrupted. Most hosts have only one connection to the Internet, with no backup at all. We have three redundant SONET fiber-optic rings to multiple carriers. We manage our network routing with an automated fail-over border gateway protocol (BGP). Additionally, unlike other hosts we also use load balancing route optimization hardware to insure the Fastest Data Route. Even if an intermediary router goes down. Our hardware system automatically adjusts itself to the next best connection with little to no delay in the processing and routing of requests.

Backup Power:
Our datacenter has its own on-site auxiliary AC plant (triple-phase AC), constantly fueled Catepillar diesel generators (with backup fuel). With Liebert UPS/HVAC uninterruptible power supplys (N+1) and multiple telecommunications grade A/C units. In the event of a power outage to the building our lights will stay on.

Less worries about hosting in the Midwest
Our datacenter is located in the Ohio region. Which is very safe compared to other regions that are more susceptible to uncontrolled events (natural disasters)